Types Of Self-storage

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In order to choose the self-storage, it is important to know about the different types. The four types that any client can choose from are as follows:

1) Climate-Controlled Self Storage in brookvale is made available in the completely closed locations. Usually they cover an area between 25 and 30 feet and are created in multiple levels. The spaces are created in such a way that they can endure all kinds of weather conditions regardless of the temperature and the humidity levels. They are fitted with the surveillance cameras and other security devices so that all kinds of happenings can be monitored easily. These spaces are also provided with essential devices to move the goods around. These kinds of self-storage units are often used to cater the goods that include electronics, chemicals, documents, clothing’s and other essentials that can be adversely impacted by even the slightest change in the weather.

2) Non-Climate Controlled Self Storage bas the name indicates is just the opposite to the previously mentioned unit. They are fitted in garages and has multiple rows to store the stuff securely. In this way commuting with the units becomes easier. The cargo carrier can drive close to the unit and then the essentials can be moved in and out of the storage space. This kind of storage unit is not suitable for the goods that require weather control especially the paper, clothing, and electricity based items.

3) Portable Container Storage bare a great choice because they provide the client with a special container that can be used to load and unload the goods when needed. It is not possible to reach out for the stored goods quite often. There is no climate control system so this cannot be used for all kinds of goods.

4) Information Management Service is particularly meant for the official goods and especially the documents. There are specialized agencies that do this job. They would visit the location from where the documents have to be moved. They have weather controlled storage spaces as the documents cannot be kept randomly. They help the client in getting the documents when it is required. These storage spaces have limited spaces therefore they can’t be used for storing heavy equipment and furniture.


This are the popular kinds of the storage space that are used worldwide. No matter why you need the space it is essential to learn that which one suits your needs and which is the appropriate option. If a space is chosen carefully then it can be really helpful in several ways.

If you have some essentials to keep securely then choose the right one and keep the things secure.